Interview with Indiefferential Magazine

13. Juli 2023

Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

You can find me in my hometown Cologne, Germany. I’m playing my peaktime/ acid/ driving/ melodic techno sound there regularly in the main clubs of the city. More and more events outside cologne are planned, so there will be other places coming soon.

Tell us a bit about your influences.

My parents had the most formative influence. I grew up in a very spiritual surrounding, which gave me a complete different focus on the world and a mindset, that helped me a lot while working on this career. Another influence was the school I attended in England, completing the major exams there and growing into an independence that formed my way already at young age on a good level.

How did you start?

Music production and djing was something I started already in school years, it was just a different style of music. Then 2015, I started to get back to this passion, getting the technical knowledge in some music schools in Cologne. Then everything was learning by doing basically, doing mistakes is also something important. As long as we continue, they are the best teaching we can get. My focus was on house music first actually, but as more as I turned over to techno, I completely felt the music on another level. I knew that this is the only and right thing I want to continue and my performance transformed automatically into this powerful energy on fire.

How will artists be influenced by the rapid change in technology in the future in your opinion? What will change?

We have to know the basics, technology might be a great improvement over the years, but if we forget the real mixing, we let technology take over our job. Of course it’s important to go with time and understand the new technology that’s offered, we just have to use it intelligently, not forgetting the unique skills we can bring into aswell, the ones that define us as an artist in the end.

What obstacles does an emerging artist have to face in our time?

I think the biggest struggle is the work around the music. An artist just wants to play and create music, but at the moment we also have to be so present online to be seen as successful, that we need to spend a hell lot of time on social media, online performance, marketing, and communication to get jobs or be heard. Meanwhile not really earning money by this, but still continue over years, is the hardest part for an emerging artist.

In what way, in your opinion, could someone get real fans?

If someone is really touched by the music an artist truly created, without all this ghost producing. If an artist puts all the inner fire and passion into the work that’s been created, then real fans are something very beautiful and truly deserved. They will naturally be there if the artist just continues this way. If they are attracted by something real, they won’t be disappointed someday. It might take longer, but it’s worthwhile and stays on much longer than the short hype at something created on wrong purposes for fast fame.

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I really want to spread music, which touches the people. My own productions are created to give a motivating energy, as well as my DJ sets do already. It’s like a positive reinforcement between me and the crowd, and this is something I want to share with as many people as possible. So my vision is to play the major festivals in five years with my own productions, reaching out to people all over the world spreading my inner fire through music and give them back this positive energy with a good feeling and strength for themselves.

What is your favorite movie? What would you suggest to our readers?

My favorite movie is the Harry Potter series. I watched it at young age and grew up with this magical world by my side.

I would suggest everyone to ask themselves how much time they spend with something they really love doing for themselves. We live in a society where the people are too exhausted from work to put time into their passion or even living their passion, making it to their job. Noting is impossible, it’s all a mindset and I think if we are really good in something, we should spend more time doing it. You never know what can emerge from that and what positive change you can bring into the world with your talent.

Tell us about your latest or upcoming release.

My next release is the third one in a series of elements. EGO TRIP is based on the element fire and describes the conflict between the ego and the heart. A violin with a pumping heart beat leads into the drop, taking you into the trip of life that we face everyday with the ego. It’s a powerful song on fire, that will be published by the Label Kassiopeia.